multi motion mldu5+ English Trial version released

[追記:日本語版 multi motion mldu5+ for 6/12/24/36/お試し版公開しました]

本日英語版お試しバージョン multi motin mldu5+ をマーケットプレースにて公開しましたのでそちらのお知らせとなります。英語版なので紹介も英語で。。。。

Today I released "multi motion mldu5+ English Trial version" on secondlife marketplace.

This is a trial version therefore the following limitation applied.

- Up to 5 avatars (5!!!)
- Up to 5 playlist

I believe you can feel the power of mldu5+ from this trial version fully.

Also this trial version includes multi motion/user dance animation as demonstration.

- Perfume dancing under conditions of
- Heavy Rotation by Cruyff14/FullMikku-san for MikuMikuDance (converted by me)

You can see the videos in-world below;

Enjoy secondlife dancing!