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Our thoughts today are with all of those who are suffering in the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Japan and the tsunami in the Pacific. We encourage all Second Life Residents to support the relief efforts however they can, and we would like to help.
We have created two special Linden Bears--one that is wearable and one that sits--which are now for sale in the Marketplace at several pricing levels: L$300, L$1,000 and L$3,000. Here’s the direct link to purchase them. We will donate all proceeds from sales of this bear to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami Relief efforts of the American Red Cross.
Please help us to support the relief efforts - buy the bears, and help spread the word in Second Life.
Additionally, we know that independent groups in Second Life are also planning to support relief efforts. For example, Radar Magazine in Second Life will be holding a month-long event and are seeking designers to donate virtual items (see this article for details). If your group is planning an inworld relief effort, then please share it in the comments here.

Thank you,


支援のために作成した2つのスペシャル リンデン ベア(置物タイプと抱えるタイプ)があるので、それらを購入して日本の地震・津波被害への救護支援寄付をしよう、というものです。
このリンデン ベアの売り上げを米国赤十字に寄付するというものです。

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